Mesajul decanului

Dear students,


The Faculty of Medicine 2 is an University subdivision which deals with the organizational, didactic and methodical management of international students. Since its foundation, the Faculty has managed all the activities of international students from admission and enrollment to graduation and licensing. Being responsible for the entire cohort of foreign students, the Faculty is horizontally integrated in all university structures, where foreign students are trained in medicine.

One of the main objectives of the Faculty is to implement the process of internationalization of studies, both for students from abroad and local ones. In the context of emerging globalization, competitive graduate profile should include not only standards of professionalism and motivation, but also those of communication. This activity is performed at the faculty, which in reality is a school of communication. Communication skills are essential for medical activity, but fairness, tolerance and mutual respect are the pillars, that contribute to creation of working academic atmosphere in the University. The teaching staff of university departments and clinics have high professional competences, moreover they are also certified to teach in English.

The team of the Faculty possesses all means to ensure effective, respectful and safe relationships with foreign students. We are always at your service, ready to give you a hand during the whole training course up to graduation or during postgraduate studies up to licensing. At the same time, we count on efforts you have to make to face all challenges.

Success attend you in studies, dear friends!

Mircea Beţiu,

Dean, Faculty of Medicine No. 2