Cooperare internațională

International collaboration

International cooperation is  one of the priority areas  for strategic developement of the University, making it comply with  the policy of integration into European structures  including internationalization of the teaching and learning process.  Training internationalization  has become the main goal since  the higher medical training internationalization  contributes to integration of the University into the European and world educational systems,  development of mobility programs for students, residents and teaching staff, as well as implementation of new methods of instruction, study, diagnosis and treatment.   To achieve this it is indispensable to obtain grants to get finance for various scientific projects, training  projects  and institutional development.

In 2005 the Study Program Medicine of  NicolaeTestemiteanu SUMPh was evaluated by the ICDFMFE external evaluation commission (The International Conference of Deans of Faculties of Medicine of French Expression). The purpose of the commission visit  was validation of the institutional self-analysis and obtained appreciation. This  visit helped  promote the motivation of the faculty members and  objectives of self-analysis.

Currently the University is a part of an extensive  process of modernization and internationalization, which aims to ensure institutional accreditation, complying with  the World Federation standards for Medical Education – WFME.

Giving the existing socio-economic conditions, international cooperation development in different areas of university activity is one of the main goals to reduce the gap between NicolaeTestemiteanu SUMPh and other medical institutions in the countries of Western Europe and the USA, thus contributing to improvement and perfection of the medical education and alignment to international standards. The university activity is conducted through a network of internal and external contacts, focused on  improvement of the training process through the development and perfection of the didactic quality, curricula  and even through enrichment and improvement of the  laboratories equipment.

To form highly qualified medical and pharmaceutical graduates, to  develop science and medical practice the University  cooperates with over 70 foreign institutions of medical education including profile and clinical faculties. It has access to libraries from over 20 countries, namely: France, Romania, Belgium, Holland, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Belarus, Italy, Ukraine, Germany,  USA, Jordan, Switzerland, Morocco, Latvia, Georgia, Japan, Lithuania etc.

Each year over 250-300 members of  NicolaeTestemiteanu SUMPh participate in various international scientific forums, undertaking scientific studies, keeping up to date  with new technologies and ways of their  implementation. Students, residents, PhD students and teaching staff  take active part  in academic mobility and common projects benefiting from the experience exchange. Over the past five years, the program of experience exchange has been intensively promoted  with the universities in Romania, Poland, France, Belgium and Ukraine.